Anchor Parking:
Parking made easy

Parking Implementation

An inexpensive way to make your spots smart and implement pay-by-phone parking.

Live Data-Driven Analytics

Our full suite of comprehensive parking managment tools makes it easy improve efficiency and visualize live data.

Effective Surge Pricing

Peak pricing generates more revenue and reduces congestion in crowded areas during busy hours.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Installing an Anchor Parking Zone is as simple and inexpensive as posting a sign or attaching a sticker to the given zone.

User Features

Check in, check out, and get on with your day without hassle or pesky quarters.

Locate Parking

Empower your parking experience

One Tap Check In

Scan a QR code to start your session

Pay As You Go

Never run back to your meter

Ticket Free

Parking authorities know you're parked

Stay Alert

Get notified when you run out of time

Fast Check Out

Get on with your day in one QR scan

Installation Process

  • 1

    Contact Us For a Demo

    Interested in installing Anchor and want to know more? Fill out the contact form below and we'll schedule a call to give a full run-down of our product. We'll also provide a live demo of Anchor's suite of features.

  • 2

    Establish Pricing Model and Infrastructure

    When you're ready to work with Anchor, we'll establish our pricing model with you for every meter. In addition, we'll begin integrating with your current parking infrastructure in order to ensure a smooth transition to Anchor.

  • 3

    Installation of Anchor Signs

    The final step of integrating Anchor with your parking solution is shipping our Anchor signs to you for installation. Anchor signs are easy and versatile to set up, and can be sized appropriately for any parking spot or zone.

  • 4

    Transition to Full Support

    When Anchor is fully installed into your parking system, we'll be there to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our support team is on hand 24/7 to make sure that Anchor is operating at its full capacity and is equipped to fix any issues if they arise.

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Our Amazing Team

We've got the skills to make your parking smarter.

Mihir Trivedi


Ryan Lieu


Alex Baikovitz


Jennie Rezek


With combined experience in graphic design, tech, finance, and community outreach, our team is equipped with the skills to make smart parking possible for your parking solution. We've got the creativity and skills to make smart pay-by-phone parking a reality in your parking zone. Whether your parking zone is a private lot, a private parking garage, or a public street-side zone, Anchor Parking can be adapted and applied by our capable team.

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